Learn To Access Google Drive offline

Google Drive

When you’re not connected to the Internet, you can still work with Google Drive! All you need to do is to set up offline access and the next time you are offline you’ll still be able to view Google documents and spreadsheets, shuffle folders around, and edit non-Google Docs files stored in your Google Drive folder.


To set up offline access to Google Drive, you’ll have to access an Internet connection and adjust a few settings in your Google Chrome browser:

First of all, install Google Chrome  if you haven’t already. Then login to Google Drive Account. From the menu, click the gear drop-down button and select Set up Docs offline. Continue reading

Best Features and benefits of Flashing CyanogenMod

The problem I think a lot of us Android users have our cellphones in general is that most of the time the manufacturers of Android based devices tend add their own personal touch to the operating system and often in doing so they prevent us from customizing our devices to suit our needs. While this doesn’t seem like a big deal, it can be frustrating when you run into someone who has flashed CyanogenMod on their tablet or cellphone only to find that they have unlocked features you didn’t even know your cellphone was capable of. Just to keep you in the know and maybe entice you into coming over to the CyanogenMod side, here are some of the best features of flashing CyanogenMod to your device.


If you’re tired of seeing the same layout on your cellphone and maybe you want to change things up, then Cyanogen’s Themes panel will give you more options than you know what to do with. There is almost nothing you cannot change about your device interface. You can easily install entire theme packs or change individual aspects of your current theme such as icons, fonts and even the animation your device plays when it starts up. With the widespread use of CyanogenMod you’ll find there are a great variety of themes already available in the Google Play store and almost all of them are completely free.

Privacy Guard

It’s becoming a common occurrence on the Google Play store for app developers to include permission request in their apps that have absolutely no bearing on the actual function of the app. Sometimes these requests include access to personal information you may not know and may not want available. This behavior is being seen among even established and previously trusted developers. Privacy Guard gives you an edge over these sneaky developers. This application essentially gives you the power to control what information will be given to any app that requests it. For example, if you feel that your favorite note writing application doesn’t require access to your phone call history then through using Privacy Guard you can take that privilege away without sacrificing the application’s usefulness.


What I think is perhaps the best benefit to come from flashing CyanogenMod is its built-in ability to tether to other Wi-Fi enabled devices. So what does tethering mean? It essentially turns your cellphone into a secure, wireless router, allowing laptops or tablets to connect to your cellphone and use your cellular data connection to access the internet. This is especially convenient when you want to access the internet using a more substantial screen but can’t find a reliable Wi-Fi signal in the area.


CyanogenMod is truly an amazing full-featured example of what the Android operating system is capable of. While it can seem like a daunting task to flash any device with new firmware, the popularity of Cyanogen has filled the internet with an abundance of informational guides to assist you in what often takes only a few clicks to accomplish, something I think well worth the effort.

How To Extend Battery Life of Laptop

Almost everyone uses a laptop now a days to complete their tasks on the go. But the biggest problem with almost every chargeable device is the battery life of the device and how long would it last. Every user wants to improve the battery performance of their laptop so that they can use it for longer time period. So, we have compiled a list of ways using which you can improve the battery life of your laptop by huge extent. The battery life of a device may depend on a number of factors depending on how a particular user uses the device. So, we are talk about the most common problems and their solutions only.

You might start noticing some degradation in the battery life after 10 months of buying the new battery. We are gonna help you delay that battery degradation if you follow the below solutions correctly.

extend laptop battery life

Improve Battery Life of your PC

  1. Keep it Cool
    It is very important that your laptop stays cool while you operate it. This can help your laptop in various aspects. When the device gets heated, it has to run other operations like fan cooling to keep the device cool, which consumes extra battery life. So, by keeping your laptop cool you can save on a lot of that battery juice.
  2. Clean it Regularly
    There should be no dust on or around the laptop device. The dust can enter various parts of your laptop and degrade its performance. For example dust and hair entering the fan can slow it down, eventually taking longer time to cool down and using more battery life.
  3. Remove Any Contacts
    Any kind of metal contacts can drain the battery juice. So, make sure that the battery doesn’t touches any metal parts in the laptop, if any. Doing this small tweak can help you save a lot of battery and use your laptop for longer time period.
  4. Turn Off Unnecessary  Options
    When you are not using some specific features like Bluetooth, Wi-fi etc. You should switch them off to save the battery power so that your laptop can run for longer period of time. Taking care of these small things can help you a lot.
  5. Keep the Brightness Low
    By dimming down the screen brightness, battery life can be elongated. The screen consumes the highest amount of battery in a laptop so, decreasing the brightness even to small extent can save you a lot of battery juice and keep your laptop running till longer time period.


These are the best sure shot solutions that will help you increase the battery life of laptop by huge extent and improve the battery life. Share this article with your friends and help them save some of their battery juice also.